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You are interested in research...that's why you are here! Finding research opportunities can be intimidating and challenging and this website is designed to simplify the process for you. Whether this is your first time in research or if you are a seasoned researcher, we offer something for everyone.

This website is designed to serve as a resource along your journey into research. It can be the first step in finding a mentor with a project that interests you. It can serve as a resource to the many pre-requisite classes, certificates, and approvals that are necessary along various steps of your research projects. Just follow along on the "Starter Kit" Checklist and use this website as a guide to help you along the research path. But remember that YOU have to be proactive about your opportunities to let your hard work shine through.



List of professors wanting med students posted (2/2/2008)
New funding sources posted (10/07/2010)

New research opportunities:
Student Research Opportunity with Stipend on Type II Diabetes Management

Tips for applying for research fellowships:
Dr. Eiserich offered his insights and tips on what it takes to write a successful research proposal. His tips are helpful for anyone that is making an application for an involved grant proposal, a year-long fellowship, or a summer fellowship. His PowerPoint lecture is available here: Tips for Writing a Grant Proposal or you can just view the page.

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